Here we are at the beginning of September already!  I guess we are truly in the dog days of summer since Fall officially starts September 22 this year.  The store received some gorgeous digitally printed linens that I simply couldn’t resist!

I had a bit of an internal debate as to if it was too late to make another linen outfit for this year but decided that making an easy project that I could complete in a day would mean I still have ALMOST one month to wear it.  (no twisting my rubber arm on this decision!)

Having done the Pia dress numerous times already, I decided this would be a good pairing for one of the larger printed linens as this design has few seams to break up the print.  And it is a quick pattern to put together. Bonus!

The only adjustment I did was to drop the front neckline by 1″.

Do you know what went through my head once I finished the dress and put it on?

“I feel pretty, I feel pretty ….”  If you have no idea of what I’m talking about, it is a song from the iconic movie/play, West Side Story.  Now if only I could dance.

Here is the full version of the song.

No need to thank me for the ear worm you now have 🙂