Christmas is always a busy season for us makers.  Gifting a hand made item is a demonstration of our love to that person.  All those hours of planning and sewing, late nights at the machine to sew just one more seam.  Hopefully, those friends and family who are the recipients of those hard worked sewing hours appreciate the effort and care.  Luckily, my friend Faye has granddaughters who love their “Nana jammies”.  Find out below what pattern Faye has used over the many years of gifting hand sewn items.


Making pyjamas for grandchildren is so rewarding and easy to do with minimal fitting required. All of my grandchildren live abroad, so making them pj’s is like sending them hugs.  It’s a tradition for my two granddaughters in Japan that they always look forward to Christmas jammies made by Nana, in fact when I asked them recently if they still want this (teenagers can be very fickle!!) I was happy to hear “Nana, we’ll ALWAYS want Nana jammies!”.

All Jalie patterns are multi sized, and I don’t mean the usual  10-14, but 2-24!   So one pattern will fit everyone from the littlest toddler to the grown ups in the family. I find Jalie patterns to be very well drafted and a pleasure to use again and again. Being a Canadian  company is another bonus.

The instructions are printed onto the large sheet of heavy paper along with the traceable pattern pieces, but in addition to this, there is a link on their website for free printable instructions which is easier than having to refer back constantly to the large sheet.

My go-to pyjama pattern from Jalie is the Jeanne Knit PJ Set.  I have used this pattern since my granddaughters were toddlers to now.  One granddaughter is 14 and rather ‘goth’ in her tastes. I thought this Dia de los Muertos skulls cotton knit would be fun for her, yet happy and carefree with the hearts and flowers.


It’s a cotton/lycra knit which was a delight to sew; I chose the black/grey and white print, and a charcoal bamboo and lycra knit blend for soft and cushy bottoms.  When working with very stretchy knits it’s worth checking which is the greater degree of stretch; some have more stretch width-wise, so in those cases I use that grain instead of the lengthwise. It seems to vary with different yardages.

The pattern shows a fairly fitted style, but I prefer a bit more ease in pj’s, so made the pyjamas a generous size widthwise. The other amendment I do is to make the leg cuffs larger, just enough to keep the legs from dragging, (always giving extra length to allow for growth)  but not enough to ride up on the legs and stick when the wearer is sleeping.

I use self fabric for the cuffs, not ribbing, as ribbing isn’t always available.

In fact for the pj top, in this case I used self fabric for the neck and sleeve cuffs, just in case she loves these skulls so much that she wants to wear it as a tee shirt! Normally I use the pj bottom fabric for  contrast  neck and sleeve cuffs.

Now that the jammies are all in the mail, it’s time for me to get back to sewing for me. I spy some new linens at Gala ……;-)


Faye F.

PS. Jalie sewing patterns can be found locally at The Makehouse in Victoria.