Row by Row’s 2017 theme is ‘On the Go!’

Patterns available from June 21 – Sept 5. Quilts can be submitted for a prize until October 31 2017.

Row by Row Experience™ is a shopping event where quilters collect row kits or free patterns from participating shops, then create a unique quilt using at least 8 different rows. Be the first to bring your completed quilt to a participating store and win a prize of 25 fat quarters! Bonus prize if your quilt contains the store’s own block. Only one winner per store.

This is a bricks & mortar event, so kits and free patterns must be picked up in person. Free patterns are limited to one per customer.

Quilt Eligibility:

  • Must contain at least 8 rows from participating stores (9th rows and Junior rows do not count*)
  • Edges must be bound
  • Must be quilted
  • Must be labelled

* we are NOT participating in the 9th row or Junior row. The 9th row is a block available for purchase at participating stores where the proceeds are donated to charity. Junior rows are available for youth aged 6-14 in participating stores (please visit for more info)

Please visit the BC Row by Row official website for more details and FAQs:

Check the Row by Row Facebook page for photos of winning quilts and updated lists of store winners: