So, it has been 20 weeks since my last hair cut.  How about you?

How are you handling the forced hair growth due to the closure of personal services?

I don’t think I’ve had hair this long since my pre-teens.  I do have a hair appointment scheduled in 2 weeks but I’m still wondering if I’m going to cut it short like before or try living with the new length.

Whatever I decide, I will need a mask to wear for my appointment.  Unfortunately, the tie masks I had made won’t work because they tie over my hair.  I will have to make a mask with ear loops.  What to do?

Thankfully, a friend pointed me to the Marfy mask pattern.

This pattern is a fitted mask with the option of ties or elastic loops.  It is an easy pattern to follow.  Just remember to add a seam allowance to the pattern.  I used a 1/4″ seam allowance so I didn’t have to  trim the seam allowances.

  • Cut 2 pieces (outer piece plus lining piece) on the fold. 
  • If you are using ties or ear loops, pin or baste in marked positions.
  • Sew right sides of the outer fabric with the lining together leaving a small gap so you can turn the project inside out.  
  • Press seams flat. 
  • Stitch opening closed.




Since I didn’t know what size elastic loops I was going to use, I gave myself a 3/4″ side seam allowance so I could fold them over to make elastic channels.

What I liked about this pattern, is that it fit quite closely to my face.  I also found I could talk while wearing the mask without the mask moving down my face which was a drawback with other ninja style face masks I had tried.  (see previous blog post)

While I liked the mask design, I felt it had an unnecessarily prominent front.  So I redrafted the front curve.

Also, my personal preference is the 1/8″ elastic.  While the 3/8″ elastic worked, I found it did hurt my ears after a 5 hour shift at the shop.

We’ll see how it works with the hair stylist!