We just added Oly*Fun craft fabric to our store! Oly*Fun is great because it doesn’t fray or tear, and is water resistant so can be used inside or outside. You might recognize it from those re-usable grocery bags, but here are some fun craft ideas on their website:

Fabric Envelopes:

Open up and trace an envelope, then use contrasting colours of Oly*Fun to make a pretty and sturdy package. More detailed instructions at http://oly-fun.com/project-fabric-envelopes.html

Spirit Cuffs:


Cut contrasting strips of Oly*Fun, then tie them around 1/4″ elastic. Tie them comfortably around wrists! For more detailed instructions, go to http://oly-fun.com/project-spirit-cuffs.html.

itemVisit us in store or go to our website to buy yourself some Oly*Fun, and for more project ideas – including that tote bag – visit http://oly-fun.com/index.html.

And most of all – have fun!