With the cooler weather comes the clothes with sleeves.  But nothing too warm since the days can get warm.  For my next sewing project, I decided to stick with some more linen and try the Lily Linen Dress by Tessuti patterns.  Afterall, what a perfect match!  Linen for the Lily Linen dress.  I especially love these washed linens since they provide the comfort of linen without the perfectly pressed requirements that some linens demand.

The Lily Linen Dress is described as:

” … flared dress is figure flattering, light, loose and comfortable. The dress features a cut-away shoulder line, pleat tucks on the hem and a clever folded pocket detail. Lily can also be made as a sleeveless dress (Note: extra binding required).”

Going by my measurements, I chose to make the size L.

It is a very easy pattern to put together.  It does have a wide neckline but it is not so wide as to show my bra straps.  I found it to fit nicely through the upper chest and sleeves with a very relaxed fit throughout the rest of the garment.  It is not the greatest length on me as it hits me mid-calf but I can’t decide if I should lengthen it or shorten it.  The “clever folded pocket detail” was too clever for me!  I tried it but it didn’t make sense so I unpicked it and sewed the pockets on flat.

Is it too voluminous?  I haven’t decided yet. Here is a picture of me holding back some of the skirt volume.  Although if I take out the volume, it becomes  a regular dress.

Many people have complimented me in this dress, so it can’t be too bad!  What are your thoughts?