I, along with all of you on the Pacific Northwest, are probably wondering when the warm weather is going to make its presence known. While the days are definitely getting longer, the temperature hasn’t really warmed up enough for shorts and t-shirt just yet.  When taking the dog out for our evening walk, many times I’ve had to drag out my down jacket.  And it’s almost June! So to push my luck, I thought I’d squeeze in a sweater top since the cool weather wants to linger.

A popular and fast make is the Toaster Sweater.  While I have made this before (see New Year’s Sewing With …), it was the turtle neck option (version 1) in a no stretch cotton french terry. This time I wanted to try the boat neck version (version 2) with an appropriate stretch fabric. I chose this horizontal rib knit in rose.

Toaster Sweater Version 2

Since this project only takes 4 pattern pieces, it is quick to put together.  I would suggest identifying the back and front body pieces since the differences between the 2 is very subtle and could be easily missed.  This fabric does not fray so I just used the stretch stitch on my sewing machine. I must have miniature arms or the pattern is designed for long armed beings since even when unfinished, the sleeves end past my fingertips.

The sleeves must be designed for very long armed beings!

I like the design detail of the high low hem.  In this fabric, I would suggest cutting the pieces out flat rather than on the fold.  If you look closely at the hem, you will notice the rib knit is not even.  Oops.


Check out the high low hem design detail.


Don’t look too closely at the uneven rib hem. Sewist’s carelessness!

It is a soft and comfortable sweater to wear. However, knowing my luck, now that I have the sweater done, I won’t have a chance to wear it as it will suddenly become t-shirt weather.  You can thank me later!