Despite there being 364 days between one Christmas and the next, I always seem to panic sew at the last minute in order to get Christmas gifts done in time.  Thankfully this year, the family decided to just do gifts for the kids this year.  That cuts my list down from a potential 20 humans and 3 dogs to just 7 children.

Three of these children are quite young, ranging from 3 weeks to 18 months.  Last year, I made bibs using the Bapron pattern.  While the reviews for this bib were positive, feedback was that these bibs were better for older children because of the arm manipulation.  Instead, I found this simple to make pattern from Nana Company.

These are so easy, I could almost make them in my sleep!  For maximum absorbency for drool and food drips, I used flannelette for both the face and the lining of the bib.  35cm (14″) of 115cm (45″) wide fabric, will easily produce 4 bibs fronts.  I know some people have used velcro for the fastening, but I prefer snaps since velcro is hard and scratchy and also collects hair and lint.  Yuck!  Here is my sister’s child modelling.

Unfortunately, my other sister’s 18 month baby was too big for these bibs, so his got passed down to his cousins.  Instead I traced his current bib (a bib with sleeves) to make some of those.  I also found this pattern online by Mommy Imaginings that I might try.

My brother’s baby, the 3 week old, received some bibs but also some knit covers.  Apparently, the latest baby must have item is a Milk Snob cover.  If you are unfamiliar with this item, it is a knit cover that can be used as a car seat cover, a nursing cover,  a feeding tray cover, even a diaper changing blanket.  My brother bought one and showed it to me.  It is unbelievably easy to make!   I traced the shape of his purchased cover, dug into my stash and churned out 4 – 2 from each different fabric.

As you can see, it is basically an jar shaped piece – 75cm tall by 70cm wide.  Cut 2 pieces (a front piece and a back piece) to be sewn together along the sides.  Hem the top and bottom.  That’s it!  You have to use a 4 way stretch fabric such as a rayon or bamboo knit.  I also found similar pre-made covers on Wish

As to the older children, there are 4 ranging in age from 6 to 12.  Since this age group were mostly interested in electronic games and gadgets, I gifted them with cash.  But to make it interesting, at least for me, I put the cash inside some food.  I made some gingerbread dough, used a store bought poop emoji shaped cookie cutter and made brown poop cookies.  Using some chocolate frosting, I sandwiched 2 cookies together, slipped the cash wrapped in plastic in between and decorated the front.  Being kids, they jumped on the cookies and started eating.  I didn’t say anything until one of them mentioned not being able to chew part of the cookie.  I know, I’m a bad auntie!  But we spent the rest of the afternoon decorating the remaining  the cookies.  That kept them busy for a while!

Wishing you all the best for the holiday season!  Can you believe 2020 is just around the corner?!?