In case you haven’t heard, the City of Victoria is banning single use plastic bags starting July 1, 2018.  (As a side note, since the store will be closed Sunday, July 1 for Canada Day, our sewing forum will be postponed to the next Sunday, July 8)

This means, if you go shopping at your favourite retailer in Victoria, be prepared to buy a paper bag or reusable bag or you will need to remember to bring your own shopping bag.  We have made arrangements to be able to provide handled paper bags for purchase.  Or we do have staff made fabric bags available by donation (suggested donation of $10) where 100% of the monies will go to a local animal rescue.

But, if you are like me, you have a stash of fabric which you could plumb for bag making candidates.  Depending on how complicated and detailed a bag you like, you could make a bag in anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple hours.

Here is a previous blog post for a quickie bag option.

Here are some links to some free bag patterns of varied complexity.




Renegade Tote Bag



Quick Fix Grocery Bag



A Handibag from a Pillowcase

(this also has a small pocket that the bag can fold up into!)



Cargo Duffle Bag



Shirt and Tie Tote

Do you have a favourite tote bag pattern?  Share please!