Because the store is closed on Sundays during the months of December and January, we don’t hold our sewing forums during those months.  We find everyone is too busy with family obligations, travel and holiday commitments to tackle any large sewing projects or events.  However, once February rolls around, we get into full swing for our regular events such as our Sunday sewing forums.

Bobbi Baker has been a regular customer at the store for at least 5 years.  She is an avid member of the Victoria branch of the Society of Creative Anachronismthe Barony of Seagirt, which is a community that pursues research and the re-creation of pre-seventeenth century skills, arts, combat and culture.  Bobbi held the head position of Baroness for the last five years which resulted in intense research in the fabrics and garments for the Tudor period.  Since she is an animated speaker and loves to share her knowledge, I invited her to present at our sewing forum.  I was a bit mean in asking her to condense the history of silk and this fabric’s presence in today’s fashion in 40 minutes, but I think she covered this topic very well.

Her presentation is broken down into 3 sections (and I even missed the question and answer period at the end) simply because my arms got tired of holding the camera.  Make sure you add your name to our newsletter list (the link is at the bottom of our home page ) if you wish to receive notice of other speakers or events being held at the store!