Escape the winter blahs with a little side trip to Bali!
Our guest speaker for our February Sewing Forum will be
Barb Alexander, owner of Bali Fiber Tours.

Barb is a sewist who used to own and design her own fabric line of rayon batiks under the name The Batik Butik.  After 12 years in the fabric business Barb started Bali Fiber Tours and now leads women-only textile tours to Bali.

In this presentation Barb will share her knowledge and experience of the different types of batiks, designing and dyeing batik fabric and explain how she met and why she chose to work with the owner of one particular batik factory.  She will bring many samples of her batiks and explain how each was produced.  Other samples of Balinese/Indonesian textiles will be shown and those processes explained as well.

February 5, 2017 at 11:30am

Arrive early if you would like a chair otherwise it will be standing room only!

Free event