We received this butter soft faux leather in black, brown and red and I immediately wanted to make the Burda skirt (6835) with a great big metal zipper down the front.  You can read my former post about this pattern in the blog post dated December 10, 2017.  But which colour do I choose?  Black was too mundane, brown not a typical colour in my wardrobe so red it was!


Some things to remember when sewing with faux leather aka pleather or leatherette or vegan leather.

  • You cannot make a mistake with sewing as it will leave a hole.  Fake leather is made with (in this case) a knit fabric back with a coloured polyurethane coating on the face.  The coating is like a sheet of plastic adhered to the fabric backing so once a hole is put in it, the hole stays!
  • There seems to be mixed suggestions re sewing needles.  Some experts suggest using a leather needle, others suggest a universal needle.  Try sewing some sample seams to see what works for you.  I used a leather needle with no problems.
  • Remember to pin in the seam allowance.  Otherwise, try using fabric clips such as these Clover Wonder Clips used in quilting.

  • I initially thought it easier to sew with a walking foot but actually found it had the opposite effect in that the layers kept creeping.  So back to the regular foot.  I also found it easier if I could hold the  fabric in front of and behind the foot in order to “help” guide the fabric through.  This meant that sometimes I would start in the middle of a seam instead of at the beginning.
  • If you wish to press the seams, use a press cloth.  Direct heat from the iron will melt the polyurethane face.  You may even resort to gluing the seams allowances down.  Always experiment on a scrap first!
  • No need to bother with edge finishes as this fabric does not fray.
  • This faux leather is soft enough to put in an invisible zipper!
  • If you wish to top stitch the hem, use a slightly longer stitch, such as a 3-4mm.  Using a flexible glue, I glued the hem of this skirt.

This skirt is reminiscent of the punk rocker era especially with the use of leather and heavy metal zipper!  Now if only I had longer hair to have the teased and permed hairstyle of old.

Like, totally radical, dude!

(Pictures of finished skirt to come.  I promise.)