Since I have all these leggings made up, now I need tops! I prefer the slightly longer tops as I am a believer that leggings are not pants. Burda 6475 intrigued me since it is a longer tunic, it has a hood and I loved the kangaroo pocket. The front yoke is cut on the bias so I thought that was an interesting design detail.

It is a fairly easy pattern to put together. Just make sure you use a heavy needle to get through all those layers when top stitching! One little hiccup area that stalled me for a bit was threading the cord on the hood through the eyelet. (I used a Prym’s 5mm silver eyelet since I had extra from another project.)

The instructions suggest a (twill) tape as a drawstring which I guess would be easier to thread with a large eyed needle. I, however, chose a 1/4″ round braided cord. I taped the ends to make an aglet (the plastic end of a shoelace) as suggest by the pattern. The problem was that I couldn’t feed the cord past the front top stitched seams of the hood. It just wasn’t firm enough to feed through that thick spot. I couldn’t thread a needle because the doubled cord wouldn’t fit through the eyelet.

By threading the cord, it became to thick to go through the eyelet.

What I did end up doing was ‘lassoing’ the cord onto a large eye wool needle. Worked like a charm!

Lassoing the cord.
I believe this is going to work!

And here is the garment. Unfortunately, the deer didn’t seem as excited as I was!