Clear your calendars!  We have a lot of events planned for this month.

We will be hosting our free sewing forum again on August 4 at 11:30am.  This is where sewists can meet fellow enthusiasts to discuss all things sewing.  Bounce sewing problems off others who may have dealt with the same issue.  Share fabric store finds from foreign countries.  Share and show off some successful sewing projects to inspire someone else.  Always fun and informative.

On August 17 at 10:30am, we will be hosting Marilyn Carter and her Sewing Workshop trunk show at the store.  Marilyn is our local distributor of Sewing Workshop patterns.  For those of you who are not familiar with this independent pattern line, here is a great opportunity to check out the designs.  Marilyn has made up all of these patterns and has sometimes added her own design details.  The garments will be available for you to try on and Marilyn will be available to discuss ideas.  This is a free event so seats fill up quickly for this popular showcase.

Last but not least is the Fibrations Fibre Arts Festival.  This is free event hosted by Knotty By Nature held at the Fairfield Gonzales Community Place (1330 Fairfield Road, Victoria) on August 18 from 10am to 4pm.

Fibrations is a community-based celebration of fibre that includes knitting, sewing, weaving, spinning, dyeing, felting and embroidery to name a few. The day will feature up to 60 vendors (including us) sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm through free demonstrations and hands-on-activities.