I don’t know where you are located, but in Victoria, BC, the weather feels like it has regressed to fall.  Or maybe we skipped summer altogether and are heading straight to fall.  Today is definitely not T-shirt and shorts kinda weather!

In fact, wrapping up with a blanket sounds pretty good right now.  But if you are heading out to see the latest movie (Wonder Woman in this case) maybe a blanket is not ideal.  Here is a 1 hour sewing project for a cape/wrap/shawl that you can quickly whip up for an evening out and it might be more stylish than carrying your favorite blankie.


  • 1.75m to 2m of fabric that is at least 140 wide. (for warmth, you could use wool, fleece, cotton flannel … Check your stash!)
  • a side plate (What?  You say.  Wait and see)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • marking tool
  • pins
  • thread


You need to find the mid-point of your fabric.  (Match your opposing selvages and fold along the length.  Next, fold the fabric so the opposing cut ends meet) Mark the folded meeting points with a pin.

From your mid point down to a cut edge, trace a 10cm wide rectangle.

Using your side plate, trace a curve around all the corners.  (inside neck, center front bottom edge, side edges)

Cut out your curved angle rectangle.

Finish all edges.

Enjoy your new cape/wrap/shawl and be the envy of your friends when you are on your front porch watching the sunset, at the hockey game, hanging around a beach fire or even on your sofa watching a movie!