Cupro is a regenerated cellulose fabric that is made from recycled cotton linter, the fluffy fiber around the plant’s seeds. Since linter fibers are too small to be spun, they’re usually thrown away during cotton production. Cupro, on the other hand, is created by dissolving them into a viscous solution of copper oxide called cuprammonium, hence the name’s origin. Linter can then be spun into new fibers and woven into this smooth fabric. Given its cellulose origin and production process, it’s part of the same family of fabrics as Tencel, rayon, Modal and Lyocell.

This fabric has a sueded finish and is a medium weight.  It has a soft drape so would make into a beautiful top, dress, pants or jacket.  The polyester content gives it a more stable hand, so less likely to stretch out.  This fabric has 40% stretch across the grain) and 10% in the vertical.

150cm or 60″ wide

65% modal, 35% polyester

280 gsm or 8oz/yd2

Cold water machine wash, machine dry or hang to dry.  Always test with a sample first.

Due to variations in every monitor, we cannot guarantee colours over the internet and highly recommend ordering a free sample