This lonely remnant is looking for a good home.  The bulk of this fabric has found a future in someone’s sewing world but this orphan is still waiting. To encourage its adoption, it has been marked down 50% off its original price.  Is your home in its future?

4-ply silk crepe is a premier fabric characterized by a smooth matte surface on both faces, with a faintly bumpy “pebbled” texture. Its name and durability come from the four individual fibers woven together to make a single strand of yarn, then again woven together to make the fabric. Four-ply crepe has a softness and drape with a springiness when crushed so that wrinkles don’t set.  It offers a little more structure and durability then other standard silk fabrics making it optimal for dresses, wedding gowns, men’s dress shirts, lingerie, suiting, skirts and even jackets. 40mm.

Dry cleaning preferred or cold water hand wash, hang to dry provided fabric is washed prior to garment construction.

100% silk

.6m x 110cm  or .65yd x 43″ piece