Misses SM, MED, LG

This elaborately quilted petticoat was a treasured item in an 18th-19th century wardrobe, worn for both fashion and warmth.  Overskirts were raised, divided and pulled aside to display the elegant handwork. Western pioneers made simpler calico versions of this skirt; later Victorian versions were machine quilted taffeta with flounces.

The slimming effect of the skirt is due to a concentration of the quilting in the lower part of the skirt, while the upper skirt section is lined with fabric alone. Ours falls in gathers from a narrow waistband with a placketed side opening.  It may be cut ankle or calf length.  View A uses commercial pre-quilted fabric; View B and C may be machine or hand quilted: View C has more elaborate quilting design and no ruffle.

Quilting design transfers are included. Transfers are given for a typical floral spray design and grid.  Can be worn with a lacy blouse or knitted top for a causal day wear or romantic evening. Today, it makes a lovely all-season skirt.

Suggested fabrics: Lightweight cotton blends, wool challis, silk, satin, taffeta. Lining should be a lightweight cotton or blend. If making View A, you may wants matching or coordinating pre-quilted and unquilted fabrics.