Children’s 2 – 10

Here is an authentic and versatile selection of Japanese garments for boys and girls.  The Children’s Kimono has the same basic cut and construction as the adult pattern.  In Japan, girls are usually dressed in large bold patterns. often the colours red and white.  Like men, boys wear dark browns, black and blue.

Tips for making and wearing a traditional Obi sash are also included;  see Lore and Authentic Detailing inside pattern.

The Quilted Vest is traditionally worn under the Kimono to give the figure a more cylindrical shape.  It can also be worn worn outside the Kimono and of course with western clothes!  Instructions for machine quilting are included, or you can use pre-quilted fabric.  It is finished simply with bias binding.

A charming Knitted Vest for boys or girls echoes the silhouette of the Quilted Vest.  A three-dimensional-looking diamond stitch is used.  Complete knitting instructions are included.

Suggested fabrics and yarn:

Kimono:  light to medium weight cotton, rayon, silk, blends or synthetics

Quilted Vest:  light to medium-weight cotton, rayon, silk or pre-quilted fabrics

Knitted Vest:  Crystal Palace Georgia Cotton, 100% cotton (95yds/88m per 1 3/4 oz/50gm ball)