Misses Extra Small to Extra Large.

This wrapped jumper has a centuries-long history in Tibet. The Chupa features an asymmetrical wrap front, wide neckband, and simple faced armholes. Both the Chupa and Chupa-inspired skirt have unique side extensions that wrap around the back to tie in front. The resulting silhouette is slim, yet the extensions enable enough leg room to make walking easier than most wrap skirts. Suggested fabrics: Medium-weight cottons and blends such as denim, corduroy, velveteen, and poplin; medium-weight linen; medium-weight wool such as flannel, gabardine, and tweeds; medium-weight silk such as noil or tussah.

Sewing Tip

If you are making the Skirt, note the following error in the instructions: At the top of the third column on page 4, Skirt Front J is shown in the illustration. The text should read: “Sew raw ends of Ties to right side of Front at stars….”