Women’s Shoe Sizes 4 to 10-1/2.
Men’s Shoe Sizes up to 9.
Note: For men’s size 9, use women’s size 10-1/2 cutting line.

These fabric slipper socks are traditionally worn with sandals or zori, to complete a Japanese outfit. They can also be worn with modern flip-flops or thong sandals as a unique fashion accessory that also provides warmth and protection for the toes, or by themselves as comfortable at-home slippers to protect your floors. NOTE: The Tabi pattern is also included in #129 Japanese Hapi & Haori.

Suggested fabrics: Medium-weight cotton and blends. Yardage requirements: 7/8 yd (81cm) for all sizes in 36″ (91cm) or 45″ (115cm) fabrics; 5/8 yd (57cm) for all sizes in 60″ (150cm) fabrics.