Are you wanting to decrease your plastic use in the kitchen?  Have you looked into making your own beeswax wraps and have struggled with getting the products or had mixed success with the recipes?

Beautifully packaged in their own beeswax wrap, these pre-mixed wax bars are easy to use and will result in soft and malleable wraps that can stick to itself when wrapping a piece of fruit or that glass container holding your leftovers.  Each package contains 100gm of pre-mixed wrap wax that is sectioned off like a chocolate bar making it easy for you to control the amount you wish to use.  Each bar will make about eight 10″x10″ wraps.  This product can also be used to revive your old wraps.  Instructions to make the wraps are included.

Content:  beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil

Made and sourced on Vancouver Island, Canada

For clean-up, rub a little bit of oil (sunflower, olive etc) on your hands or counter top to break down the wax, then use soapy water to wash away the oil.