Are you looking for something to add a bit of zing to your design?  Do you like the sparkle of sequins and beads to embellish a project?  These lace grab bags might be the answer for you!

Each bag contains a random selection of embellished lace pieces – such as beaded, sequinned, corded, ribboned, embroidered …  Each bag is different since it depends on what lace inventory we have on hand.  These lace pieces can be used in fibre art projects, garment embellishments, doll making, anything where you want to add a bit of sparkle.  Each bag is sold by weight so the number of lace pieces may vary per bag depending on how heavily embellished the lace pieces are.

100gms or 3.5oz per bag

Here are pictures of some of the lace pieces that make up a bag.  Please note, these are only samples as each individual bag is different.