Don’t cut your patterns.  Trace them using Swedish Tracing Paper! Fine enough to trace patterns easily but doesn’t tear with handling.  Soft yet strong enough to sew on. Avoid expensive mistakes and baste the pattern together first and try it on to check for fit. Trace out your pattern using a regular No. 2 pencil.  If you do need to increase the size of paper to fit your pattern, use regular cellophane tape on the front of the pieces.  This way you can press out the pieces by ironing on the back.  No melting the tape!  Use a low heat iron to press out creases.
This is an acid free (archival), non-woven product made from cellulose, viscose, synthetic fibers and binder.  It contains NO harmful chemicals.
Rolls are 73cm wide by 9m long.  (29″ by 10yds).
Sold by the roll.