Measures multiple equal distances in a snap. Makes an ideal knitting gauge, too! Flexible and lightweight; silver finish. Use for:

  • Fast accurate spacing of buttons, buttonholes, hooks, eyes, dress pleats, drapery pleats, tucks, shirring, and smocking
  • Measure accurate bias or straight strips for quilting or for use with the Bias Tape Makers
  • Expands to 24″ with 3-1/2″ between each of the eight marking points (expands to 61cm with 9cm increments)
  • Collapsed, it measures 2-1/2″  with 5/16″ between each marking point (collapsed,it measures 6.35cm with 0.8cm between each marking point)
  • Instructions included  * In order to make this tool work accurately, you need to pull it out to its full length then gently push it in from both sides at once. Then the gauges will be lined up evenly.