Remove the headache of trying to turn your fabric tubes inside out.  This tool makes this task so easy you will want to put straps on everything!  From Dritz.

  1. Stitch fabric tube; trim seams.
  2. Select appropriate size cylinder. Slide cylinder into fabric tube until it is at sewn end.
  3. With round end of corresponding rod (either end of metal rod), push fabric end into the cylinder while sliding fabric tube over cylinder. TIP (1): If tube will be pressed flat, spread seam allowances open as tube slides into cylinder. Continue until turned tube end comes out of the cylinder. TIP (2): It may be necessary to gather up fabric tube on cylinder to see turned end.
  4. Pull on fabric end until entire tube comes out of the cylinder. Rod will remain in the fabric tube.
  5. Use rod to push out corners. If necessary, turn around rod and use pointed end in corners. Remove rod when finished. For opened end tubes, slide cylinder to about 1 inch from end of fabric tube. Fold fabric end over cylinder and continue with above instructions.