Good quality and well made tools make the difference in your sewing experience. There is nothing more frustrating that using scissors that don’t cut well and make your hands hurt when using them. So we are excited to announce we now stock LDH Scissors!

Both the handle and the blades have been switched, making these a pair of true left-handed scissors.

If you have been using right-handed scissors with your left hand for the majority of your life, there may be a learning process involved for you to learn how to properly use true left-handed scissors. The best way to power through this is to keep the shears as straight as possible when cutting, as many people new to a true left-handed pair tend to angle the shears when cutting (which can lead to folding the fabric, not cutting).

LDH is an immigrant, female, and family-owned Canadian small family business based in Toronto. They make affordable, yet high quality and durable fabric scissors!  These scissors are designed to cut through multiple layers of fabric, leather, fleece, vinyl, denim, and other dense materials.  They are handcrafted from industrial-grade carbon steel. The handles on these shears now have a rubber coating to provide extra comfort.

Crafted from heavy-duty, industrial grade carbon steel and finished with LDH’s signature Midnight coating.

10″ long blade or 25.4cm blade

Comes beautifully presented in a sturdy box.