This is a yarn dyed linen, so it is woven with two different colours, in this case, yellowy orange and pink, producing a beautiful varigated orange. It has a light, crisp drape and a very smooth texture. It is 60 LEA X 60 LEA which reffers to the fineness of the linen yarn, the higher the number the finer the yarn. Most handkerchief linens are between 40-80 LEA. Suitable for a shirts, dresses, summer trousers or light jacket.

100% linen

149cm or 58.6″ wide

140gsm or 4.13oz/yd2

Made in India

Dry clean to preserve crispness, or cold machine wash gentle and hang to dry to soften the texture.  (test swatch first)

Due to variations in every monitor, we cannot guarantee colours over the internet and highly recommend ordering a swatch.