This new waxed canvas has a soft texture and a moldable drape that becomes softer the more it is handled. Waxed canvas is very water resistant yet still breathable, stain resistant, and very durable. It is regularly used as an alternative to leather, and is usually used for outdoor wear jackets, aprons, tool bags, messenger and tote bags, tents and more! It is not however recommended for upholstery.

This canvas is coated in paraffin wax. Because of this, it will develop a patina when it is handled, folded, or scuffed. The creases will appear considerably lighter in color than the original but this will give the fabric a unique and rustic look. This fabric looks better with age and wear!  Crease marks can be removed by ironing at a medium heat with a protective paper layer between the fabric and the iron. The wax coating may wear off over time, but it can be reapplied with a fabric safe paraffin wax. With proper care, this canvas can last decades.

100% cotton

150cm or 60″ wide

To care for your waxed cotton garment, remove dirt with a soft brush. Do not dry clean. Do not machine wash. Do not tumble dry. These processes will strip the wax finish.  If washing is needed, hand wash with cold water. For stubborn spots or stains, use a mild bar soap sparingly. Test the soap you plan to use as many detergents will break down the wax.

Due to variations in every monitor, we cannot guarantee colours over the internet and highly recommend ordering a free sample.