Organic cotton is grown without pesticides from plants which are not genetically modified. Organic cotton feels softer because the cotton fibers are left intact and not broken down by the chemicals used in the farming and processing of non-organic cotton. Organic cotton is not finished with formaldehyde, which has been identified as a cancer-causing agent by the International Institute for Research on Cancer. Formaldehyde is used to finish non-organic cotton products. The non-use of chemicals means that organic cotton is less likely to trigger allergies. Non-organic cotton crops are the largest users of chemical herbicides, pesticides and water of any crop, and depletes the soil of essential nutrients.

100% organic cotton

150cm or 60″ wide

130 gsm or 3.83 oz/yd2

Cold water machine wash, machine dry or hang to dry.  Always test with a sample first.

Due to variations in every monitor, we cannot guarantee colours over the internet and highly recommend ordering a free sample.