For the denimheads out there, this raw denim is waiting for your personal touch.

How is raw denim different from regular denim?  Raw denim is denim that hasn’t undergone any sort of washing or distressing processes, leaving it stiff and full of deep blue indigo dye.  You, the wearer, controls how the denim will age as you wear it – from how they fade, how they crease and even where they rip or wear over time. The way you wear and move in them will be reflected in the creases and wear spots in your jeans.

This fabric is a medium – heavy weight stretch woven suitable for a classic pair of jeans, a jean jacket or light weight bag. It has 10% horizontal stretch and no vertical stretch. This fabric is GOTS certified.

9 oz or 310gsm

98% organic cotton, 2% spandex

135cm or 53” wide

To preshrink, soak in a tub of cold water.  Because this fabric is unfinished, washing in a machine can lead to crocking. Crocking is where the colour comes off from abrasion such as when the fabric has rubbed against the sides of the machine. Once the garment is sewn and you wish to cold water machine wash, turn the garment inside out.  Hang to dry is best to keep the dark colour.

Due to variations in every monitor, we cannot guarantee colours over the internet and highly recommend ordering a swatch.