Create a unique garment or craft project with this two-sided reversible sequin fabric.  The sequins on this fabric are two-sided and reversible, so they change color as they are brushed or flipped. This unique color effect makes the fabric vibrant and versatile.  The 5mm sequins are sewn onto a 100% polyester knit fabric.  This fabric has a 60% stretch across the weft with minimal to no stretch along the warp.  The fabric is 150cm or 60” wide  with a usable sequinned width of 130cm or 51″.

The two-sided reversible sequins fabric is popularly used for garments (dresses, costumes), crafts (purses, accessories, headbands) and, of course, photo backdrops. The fabric’s two sided sequins makes it extremely photogenic as the two colors contrast wonderfully in the camera’s lens.

100% polyester

150cm or 60″ wide

Dry clean only