As a small local business, we like to be very much involved in our community. These are the projects we currently participate in.

Breast Cancer Pillows

PillowIn quiet moments at the store, we assemble breast cancer pillow kits and are always looking for volunteers to sew them together. When finished, we donate them to the Victoria Breast Health Center where they are distributed to those who have recently undergone breast surgery.

Our breast cancer pillow kits include pre-cut pieces to make a small over-the-shoulder bag and a small pillow. The pillow is worn in the bag, under the arm with the adjustable straps over the shoulder. This allows the wearer to keep his/her arm up and off of the healing incision.  If you are interested in making pillows to serve your own community, check out this blog post for the instructions.




Dear Sewer of my Pillow purse,

I want to write to you to thank you so very much for the comforting pillow that you made. Making something for somebody that helps them through a difficult time is very rewarding. What would our world be like without kind people like you? I love the choice of material that was chosen – navy background with sailing ships going by tropical islands – on the purse.  We love to travel. The pillow material has stylized flowers on one side and a pretty purple design on the other and a plaid purse strap. Iʼm an artist and I love painting flowers. What a good choice for my recovery. Thank you to whomever made the gift. My husband and I wish you all the success in your endeavors in the future.

Thank you!


Hello everyone,

We know you don’t hear the individual thank yous from patients who receive a comfort pillow. But we do.
So this is one big huge collective thank you.
Everyone who receives a pillow is very grateful.
Even before surgery many comment on how grateful they are to receive such a lovely “gift” and the time and effort and caring that went into sewing the pillow.
And of course after surgery the gratitude is for the simple idea that gives such comfort.
So we just wanted to take the time to pass on the Thank you! that we hear every day.

We hope that you are all enjoying a wonderful relaxing summer.
And thank from both of us.”

Dorothy Yada R.N. and Shawna Bond R.N.
Breast Health Patient Navigators
Island Health
Breast Health Centre, CFAU

Animal Rescue

Spca-bagsAs animal lovers we like to support our local animal rescue centers. We sell hand-made cloth shopping bags and all the proceeds go to different local animal rescue centers.

Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club

colour logo redoneWe also support the Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club by donating raffle prizes to fundraiser events hosted by this club.  The Victoria Chinatown Lioness Club raises funds to donate to organizations that help women and children in need.


Sewing Forum

Sewing-forum-imgOn the first Sunday of every month (except December and January) at 11:30am, we host a sewing forum at the store.  Everyone is welcome to drop in to discuss all things sewing, share sewing challenges, successes, finished projects and maybe not-so-finished projects.

“I really enjoyed the sewing forum on Sunday – lots of inspiration and information.  I’ve been “googling” since I got home!”  Merle B.

For more information about any of these events, please contact us at [email protected]