Gala Fabrics Ltd is a family run business that has been passed down through 3 generations.  In the beginning there were 2 locations.  The Hou Sing Company was situated in Canton, China and Shanghai Silk Store was located in Hong Kong.  It was not long after the 1949 change of government in China that the Hou Sing Company closed.  Shanghai Silk store remained in Hong Kong and during the 1950s the second generation of owners opened another store, Fourseas, in Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Two additional shops were later opened in Kowloon: Illinois and Gala Fabrics Ltd.

vicfrontfor1Still keeping the shops in Hong Kong, the owners moved to Victoria, Canada.  As a result, in 1984, Gala Fabrics was opened up in Victoria, providing beautiful sewing fabrics and an array of sewing notions supplies for Victorians.  Two years later, a shop in Vancouver, Canada was opened.  Unfortunately, the political turmoil in Hong Kong in the 1990s caused the closure of all the Hong Kong locations except Gala Fabrics located on Nathan Road.  Now with the third generation entering the fabric business, fabric is shipped between the 2 locations in Hong Kong and Canada to meet the needs of the creative sewing market.

We are sad to announce that the Gala Fabrics Vancouver location on South Granville has been closed.  Come and visit Gala Fabrics and see the finest materials from around the world that will suit your modern sewing and quilting needs in Victoria. If you have a question about our inventory, give us a call or come visit us today!  Since all who work here at the store are sewists, we would love to hear about your project.  Check out our Testimonials page to see what other customers have to say about us.